Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Dolled Up

So while I was looking through Google Images for some inspiration images to use in my most recent drawing I stumbled across this...

Only the most beautiful hand-made dolls in the whole world! I simply adore their frail looking bodies and their pouty little faces with the big eyes. Not to mention their gorgeous clothes and hairstyles!

This one's my favorite!

All of these dolls come from the great blog 'Black-Eyed Suzie' and are made by the amazing artist who goes by the same name.
I can't believe how amazingly great (and yes, a little creepy) these dolls are! I wish I had the extra funds to buy one...if not all the dolls I would love to have!

Here are a few more that I must eventually own!

How could you not love that little bob and pink dress?

This adequately fulfills my long standing Alice love, and lookit that little sleeping rabbit!

I simply adore, and I mean ADORE this one! Her beautiful wedding dress, and stained finger-tips! How morbidly beautiful!

I'm not a huge doll person, but these dolls are something that would definitely not feel bad about splurging on!

Hope your day's going well! Until next time!