Friday, November 12, 2010

Decay, Decay...What a Wonderous Beauty

When I was younger I found some images in a Time photography magazine portraying how people in Havana had taken up residence in either an old hotel or someones former mansion. The images of the large chipping archways and the peeling paint and ripped wallpaper on the walls ignited a love for me that truely makes my heart sore.

Old, decrepit buildings and architecture. More commonly known as 'Urban Decay'.


Although I find an odd sort of beauty in these buildings it's not exactly the fact that they are abandoned and falling apart that makes me love them. (although yes, it is a huge factor) Also maybe it's the thought of possibility that they all have.
Like if I were rich enough I could obtain these buildings and not exactly restore them, but more just bring them back to life.


And okay, so this picture isn't exactly a building, but I still find it beautiful. I mean look at that old bus, stuck in the snow. Wonder if the light inside is from the bus itself?


And look that that beautiful piece of architecture! I can definitely imagine myself taking up residence and making it someplace anyone would love to call home.


And look at the floor on this image....lovely.


This image makes me wanna dance in that room.


Apparently this image above is from a building that is soon to be demolished. I'm torn with progress and destroying old buildings because of the history within them. If people thought to destroy rather than restore we wouldn't have any of the beautiful old buildings that still exist today.


Finally I leave you with an image from Web Urbanist which has an amazing collection of urban decay buildings from across the country and around the world. I highly suggest you check it out.

Till next time

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All Dolled Up

So while I was looking through Google Images for some inspiration images to use in my most recent drawing I stumbled across this...

Only the most beautiful hand-made dolls in the whole world! I simply adore their frail looking bodies and their pouty little faces with the big eyes. Not to mention their gorgeous clothes and hairstyles!

This one's my favorite!

All of these dolls come from the great blog 'Black-Eyed Suzie' and are made by the amazing artist who goes by the same name.
I can't believe how amazingly great (and yes, a little creepy) these dolls are! I wish I had the extra funds to buy one...if not all the dolls I would love to have!

Here are a few more that I must eventually own!

How could you not love that little bob and pink dress?

This adequately fulfills my long standing Alice love, and lookit that little sleeping rabbit!

I simply adore, and I mean ADORE this one! Her beautiful wedding dress, and stained finger-tips! How morbidly beautiful!

I'm not a huge doll person, but these dolls are something that would definitely not feel bad about splurging on!

Hope your day's going well! Until next time!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Mini-Post

Wow..two in one day!

Just wanted to acknowledge the changes going on around here!

I plan on doing something a little different, but until then I used this lovely layout I found on the internet as a space holder till then.

Hope your day is going as good as mine's so sunny and warm! (it's about time!)
Here's some more Mood pictures, enjoy!
This place looks so nice and cool!

And this water looks nice and cool!

More coolness for a hot summery day!

Okay so I just want to swim in a nice cool place...sigh!

And lastly a pic of one of my favorite bands (vampire weekend) that goes with my nice warm and cool theme!

Again hope everyones day is going swimmingly!

~Miss Nanas

A New Leaf

Okay, so I know I've been a wee bit neglectful of my little blog here, but I have decided to make an effort and try to update at least twice a week if not more...I know, exciting!
And as such I think the best thing to do is to jump right into it!

I've decided to designate each specific day as a sort of theme that I must adhere to, so being that today is Monday I present to you...

*bom pa ra bom!!*

"Monday Moods!"

A collection of pictures that simply fit my mood...and yes the titles and look of the whole blog will eventually fit the amazement that is my blog. :D


Mood: Simply good!


Hope every ones Holdiay is a good one! Be safe, and just love everything you can!

~Miss Nanas

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stick It Where the Love Grows...and choke :D

Hope you're all having a lovely Valentines Day, but for those of us who A)don't have anyone to celebrate it with, or B) are done with the over-saturation of the holiday then here's something for you!

Went around DeviantArt and found some pretty great and amazing 'Anti' Valentines day images. Enjoy :D

'Happy Valentines' By t-e-a

'The Anti Valentine' by AndThenHeSaid

'Gojiras AntiValentine Surprise' by Kamisaurus

'Psychedelic Anti Valentines' by bw-inc

'Love' by TTr2

'Love Pollution' By ll

'Anti V-Day 2009-Danger Zone' By MorguePrincess
*(my favorite)*

And finally, just to show that I'm not too jaded, a hopeful little comic.

'Anti Valentine 09' by VJMorales

Like I said, I hope everyone's day was a great one, and don't let any love dry spells get you down. I'm a firm believer that love always finds it's way as long as you don't give up on the possibility.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Pictures on a Monday

I start with a question.

Have you ever heard or seen something that immediately takes your focus off of whatever it is you're doing and sends you to search for the source of the sound or do a double take. If for nothing else because it's something new and familiar at the same time?

POGO, did that for me.

He's an Australian DJ who remixes movies into new songs and he does it beautifully.
I was introduced to him by sister's, who had stumbled on his work by accident.

I love happy accidents.

Thought I would share what I've come to love with some of my favorites by POGO.

The First song I was introduced to.

I just adore this mix.

And my new favorite!

His work is amazing, and he doesn't just use Disney movies. I just checked out his main page and heard an amazing remix of the Terminator movies.

I highly suggest you check them out. Enjoy

Friday, February 5, 2010

This Is Where My Computer Goes

I don't have a regular backpack. (what an opener!)

I have a shoulder bag that I throw my books in and unfortunately my little laptop doesn't fit in it when I have to carry everything.
I don't have a huge laptop, it's a small Asus Eee PC 1000, I beleive with a 10 inch screen or so, so it's not too big and instead of carrying it in the laptop bag I got for it I usually just shove it in my purse, because I have a good size purse and and a not too big laptop.

So because I do litterally 'shove' it in there, I may end up with a scratch or two. And because I'm me, I have yet to get a sleeve for the poor laptop.

No worries though, I'm working on it, and here were a few that caught my eye.

This dream of a laptop cover. (unfortunately just for macbooks, aside from being a little pricey)

This great sleeve where you design what's on it yourself!

Check out the awesome job someone did on one of these babies! (I love the muppets!)

This fun number from Saltygal's Etsy shop, which made me want to sell a sister for some extra spending money to get it! (too bad she's sold out)

An inspiration for my next 'do it yourself' project! Check out this cute sleeve made by the lovley lady over at Not Quite Vintage blog using a tutorial she found at Sew Mama Sew.
My god it's so cute!

And finally the DIY sleeve I'm actually working on right now! Isn't it adorable! I found the tutorial to make this sleeve from the amazing Yoonie on her Yoonie At Home blog. Isn't this thing adorable!

Hopefully I get it done soon so my poor laptop doesn't befall anymore careless scratches on it's sleek shell from it's careless owner!
I'll post pictures of my finished peice when I get around to finishing it! Now, there's actual work to be done!

Till next blog!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

So I've been wanting an Ipod stereo doc for awhile now, but truthfully, the simple sleek look that's synonymous with the Ipod isn't really my style, and it would really stand out in my room (much like my computer does).

Although this Doc gave me a chuckle.

Atech’s iCarta iPod dock and Bath Tissue Holder

Another problem was the sometimes pricey...prices that some of them carried, and although you can get a pretty good little one for around Fifty bucks, paying that much for something that I didn't have a taste for seemed kind of, not fun.

But there is hope! Floating around the intra-nets has introduced me to a bunch of Ipod Docks that I would to have! Here's a few, I'm getting my wish list done up already!

Vintage looking Ipod Dock

A cool fusion of Retro and new style!

These three beauty' assorted colors!

Green's not my color, but this one is probably my favorite!

And just for fun!

Okay I know the last one's not an Ipod Dock, but come on!! A Steampunk Gameboy!!
I don't know how you can't geek out to that! It's Georgouse!

Unfortunately most of these are no longer being sold by their distributors, but you can find them on eBay for alot cheaper than they were origionally being sold for. I found the green retro looking dock on Kaboodle for $100.

Le Sigh...still need to save up for a real dock I can be proud...but oh the possibilities!

Hello, Pleased To Meet You

So I know I know, I promised an art blog, but things have been going crazy around here and I haven't had a chance to get anything uploaded so while we're here, let's get better aquainted.

My name's Adriana, but my friends call me Nanas. I'm currently attending CSUCI for my Art Bachelors focusing in Graphic Design and Illustration. I love Sushi, my favorite animal is Orangutans, and I like silly things.
I also like retro, vintage, classical, and any sort of junk that would fall under that category, not to mention the craft movement get me crazy excited.
I love kitch, nick nack, drama, and classic. So if you put all that together you'd get me.

I love movies, music, animation, and all in all beautiful things. Laughing is my weakness, and don't underestimate my humor and witt. Also don't confuse my humor with intelegence, I'm smarter than my laidback self usually let's on.

Well, I suppose I've talked about myself long enough. I hope you all enjoy this blog I put together.

Thank You