Friday, February 5, 2010

This Is Where My Computer Goes

I don't have a regular backpack. (what an opener!)

I have a shoulder bag that I throw my books in and unfortunately my little laptop doesn't fit in it when I have to carry everything.
I don't have a huge laptop, it's a small Asus Eee PC 1000, I beleive with a 10 inch screen or so, so it's not too big and instead of carrying it in the laptop bag I got for it I usually just shove it in my purse, because I have a good size purse and and a not too big laptop.

So because I do litterally 'shove' it in there, I may end up with a scratch or two. And because I'm me, I have yet to get a sleeve for the poor laptop.

No worries though, I'm working on it, and here were a few that caught my eye.

This dream of a laptop cover. (unfortunately just for macbooks, aside from being a little pricey)

This great sleeve where you design what's on it yourself!

Check out the awesome job someone did on one of these babies! (I love the muppets!)

This fun number from Saltygal's Etsy shop, which made me want to sell a sister for some extra spending money to get it! (too bad she's sold out)

An inspiration for my next 'do it yourself' project! Check out this cute sleeve made by the lovley lady over at Not Quite Vintage blog using a tutorial she found at Sew Mama Sew.
My god it's so cute!

And finally the DIY sleeve I'm actually working on right now! Isn't it adorable! I found the tutorial to make this sleeve from the amazing Yoonie on her Yoonie At Home blog. Isn't this thing adorable!

Hopefully I get it done soon so my poor laptop doesn't befall anymore careless scratches on it's sleek shell from it's careless owner!
I'll post pictures of my finished peice when I get around to finishing it! Now, there's actual work to be done!

Till next blog!

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