Monday, February 8, 2010

Moving Pictures on a Monday

I start with a question.

Have you ever heard or seen something that immediately takes your focus off of whatever it is you're doing and sends you to search for the source of the sound or do a double take. If for nothing else because it's something new and familiar at the same time?

POGO, did that for me.

He's an Australian DJ who remixes movies into new songs and he does it beautifully.
I was introduced to him by sister's, who had stumbled on his work by accident.

I love happy accidents.

Thought I would share what I've come to love with some of my favorites by POGO.

The First song I was introduced to.

I just adore this mix.

And my new favorite!

His work is amazing, and he doesn't just use Disney movies. I just checked out his main page and heard an amazing remix of the Terminator movies.

I highly suggest you check them out. Enjoy

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