Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello, Pleased To Meet You

So I know I know, I promised an art blog, but things have been going crazy around here and I haven't had a chance to get anything uploaded so while we're here, let's get better aquainted.

My name's Adriana, but my friends call me Nanas. I'm currently attending CSUCI for my Art Bachelors focusing in Graphic Design and Illustration. I love Sushi, my favorite animal is Orangutans, and I like silly things.
I also like retro, vintage, classical, and any sort of junk that would fall under that category, not to mention the craft movement get me crazy excited.
I love kitch, nick nack, drama, and classic. So if you put all that together you'd get me.

I love movies, music, animation, and all in all beautiful things. Laughing is my weakness, and don't underestimate my humor and witt. Also don't confuse my humor with intelegence, I'm smarter than my laidback self usually let's on.

Well, I suppose I've talked about myself long enough. I hope you all enjoy this blog I put together.

Thank You

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