Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

So I've been wanting an Ipod stereo doc for awhile now, but truthfully, the simple sleek look that's synonymous with the Ipod isn't really my style, and it would really stand out in my room (much like my computer does).

Although this Doc gave me a chuckle.

Atech’s iCarta iPod dock and Bath Tissue Holder

Another problem was the sometimes pricey...prices that some of them carried, and although you can get a pretty good little one for around Fifty bucks, paying that much for something that I didn't have a taste for seemed kind of, not fun.

But there is hope! Floating around the intra-nets has introduced me to a bunch of Ipod Docks that I would to have! Here's a few, I'm getting my wish list done up already!

Vintage looking Ipod Dock

A cool fusion of Retro and new style!

These three beauty' assorted colors!

Green's not my color, but this one is probably my favorite!

And just for fun!

Okay I know the last one's not an Ipod Dock, but come on!! A Steampunk Gameboy!!
I don't know how you can't geek out to that! It's Georgouse!

Unfortunately most of these are no longer being sold by their distributors, but you can find them on eBay for alot cheaper than they were origionally being sold for. I found the green retro looking dock on Kaboodle for $100.

Le Sigh...still need to save up for a real dock I can be proud...but oh the possibilities!

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