Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stick It Where the Love Grows...and choke :D

Hope you're all having a lovely Valentines Day, but for those of us who A)don't have anyone to celebrate it with, or B) are done with the over-saturation of the holiday then here's something for you!

Went around DeviantArt and found some pretty great and amazing 'Anti' Valentines day images. Enjoy :D

'Happy Valentines' By t-e-a

'The Anti Valentine' by AndThenHeSaid

'Gojiras AntiValentine Surprise' by Kamisaurus

'Psychedelic Anti Valentines' by bw-inc

'Love' by TTr2

'Love Pollution' By ll

'Anti V-Day 2009-Danger Zone' By MorguePrincess
*(my favorite)*

And finally, just to show that I'm not too jaded, a hopeful little comic.

'Anti Valentine 09' by VJMorales

Like I said, I hope everyone's day was a great one, and don't let any love dry spells get you down. I'm a firm believer that love always finds it's way as long as you don't give up on the possibility.

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